Benefits of Becoming a Greenwood Health Systems Affiliate:


The Most Lucrative Compensation Plan In The Industry

Our affiliate program is very simple and VERY easy to understand.

As Active* Affiliates introduce others who purchase our products, they are paid a set commission (see charts below) each time those new Members make a product purchase.

Unlike the traditional MLM business model, our 10-level Affiliate Program has NONE of the normal income limiting hoops to jump through.

NO complicated sponsoring requirements to reach higher ranks, NO group volume requirements, NO leg balancing, NO escalating rank based personal purchasing requirements, and NO bonus / commission value calculations are used, as we pay commissions on the ACTUAL dollar value of ALL product sales.

If you would like a DETAILED explanation of just how different (and MUCH more lucrative) our affiliate program is from traditional MLM compensation plans, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Seriously, we have the LOWEST qualification requirement and the HIGHEST payout percentage in the industry.

BTW: Our ONLY requirement for affiliates to be fully qualified to earn the relevant commissions on the product purchases of ALL ten levels of their team, is to personally purchase at least one product monthly.

NOTE 1: * Active Affiliates are those who have placed an order for any product that month, OR have a SMART SHIP Order in place. 

NOTE 2: While affiliates have no monthly autoship requirement whatsoever to earn commissions, we do offer three very attractive incentives to those Members who choose to become Gold Members, by participating in our totally optional Monthly or Quarterly SMART SHIP programs.

Incentive 1: A substantial discount up to 25% off the normal members product pricing.

Incentive 2: The regular level one affiliate commission rate of 8%, is automatically DOUBLED to 16% every month you have a SMART SHIP order processed.

Incentive 3: Whenever a Gold Member personally sponsors another member, they are automatically paid a special First Order bonus on the initial product purchase of that new member. That bonus is a massive 40% of the dollar value of that order (see chart below).

Affiliate Commission Rates

First Order Commissions

10-Level Unilevel Commissions

The Level 1 commissions shown in the chart below are automatically paid to Gold Members on the first order placed by any new Member they personally sponsor. Levels 2 & 3 are automatically paid to the next active upline Gold Members.

The commission rates shown in the chart below apply to ALL orders placed by any member in the first ten levels of your team, EXCEPT First Orders  placed by new Members.

First Order Commissions


Unilevel Commissions

18% (DOUBLED to16% if on SMART SHIP)

FREE Affiliate Tools

All affiliates have automatic, TOTALLY COST FREE access to a wide range of promotional tools, that are available from the affiliate back office.

Some of those tools include:

A personalized, replicated copy of this website.

PDF formatted material such as sell sheets, brochures and reports.

The ability to send contacts directly to ANY page of this website instead of just to the home page.

WEEKLY Commission Payments

We Pay Your Payable Commission Balance Each Friday.

Payment of commissions occurs once the affiliate has reached the $30.00 payment threshold. If that amount is not reached in any given pay period, whatever has been earned is rolled-over to the next payment period.

NOTE: As we offer all clients a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee, no commissions on product purchases are paid until that 30-day guarantee period, has expired.

To Automatically Become an Affiliate - Simply Place a Product Order.