Why Our Unique Compensation Plan is So Different and Much More Profitable.

If you are brand new to Networking and do not understand all of the details, please have your sponsor explain this you.

If, however, you are an experienced Networker, you are about to learn just why there is NO other Compensation Plan that comes close to ours for Fairness, Simplicity and Earning Potential.

BTW: When we were researching material for this page, we had to two reasons to laugh at a claim from one company, who are trumpeting the fact that they are the ONLY company in existence who pays out $0.50 of every dollar earned.

Reason one: With their breakage, they actually pay out no more than $0.32.

Reason two: We pay out $0.56 and apart from sales made on the first six levels of our company team, we have ZERO breakage.

The image below, is a perfect example of why, in an ethical world, most MLM Compensation Plans, would be more accurately labeled as “DISTRIBUTOR DECEPTION PLANS”, as the average distributor has ZERO chance of ever reaching the higher ranks.

Lets look at the comparison of the details.

1st point: If you add up the percentages paid, it comes to 42% correct?
WRONG. Once you factor in their BV/ CV, which averages 70% of the dollar value of the sale, the actual dollar value percentage paid, comes down to 29.4%

Our Plan: We do NOT use BV / CV calculations. We pay out a total of 56% and ANY of our Members who generate a sale are rewarded on the actual dollar value of that sale.

2nd Point. To reach their 5th rank (Pro 4) and get paid on 6 levels, you have to purchase 200 PV of their products every month AND have a team volume of 10,000 AND have two legs with no more than 80% of your volume in one leg.

Our Plan: You only have to purchase at least one product each month to be paid on ALL orders placed by ALL team members on any of your first six levels.

3rd Point: Their six top ranks (that require 20,000 – 1,000,000 in Group Volume) are TOTALLY inaccessible to the average networker.

Our Plan: We have NO Group Volume Requirements whatsoever. You earn commission on ALL orders placed within your first 6 levels.

4th Point: If you add up the percentages on the levels that are actually accessible to the average networker, the total is 31%. After factoring the BV / CV, however, the actual percentage paid is only 21.7%.

Our Plan: We pay a base of 8% per level on levels 1-6 or 48%, with an additional 8% paid on level one to our members who elect to order via our SMART SHIP program.

The difference in Income

For the purpose of this exercise, lets assume someone personally sponsors just two members, who all sponsor two members down through six levels.

NOTE: As we use a Unilevel plan, you are welcome to personally sponsor any amount of new Members that you are capable of.


LEVELNumber on LevelVolume With $100.00 Product SalesTheir % and Payout Per LevelOur % and Payout Per Level
12$2002% $4.0016% $32.00
24$4005% $20.008% $32.00
38$8009% $72.008% $64.00
416$1,6005% $80.008% $128.00
532$3,2005% $160.008% $256.00
664$6,4005% $320.00
8% $512.00
TOTALS126$12,600Total is $656.00 although the actual
after the BV / CV calculations would be only $459.20
Total is $1,024.00 NO BV/CV to dilute it.

So, as you can easily see. EXACTLY the same number of team members. EXACTLY the same sales volume.

The HUGE difference, is that under this scenario, our plan would pay out $564.80 more than theirs would EACH month. BTW: Over a 12 month period, that is an EXTRA $6,776.60 from our plan.

If you want an extreme example of just how different our plan is, consider this ridiculous scenario.

Lets say, you sponsor just ONE person, who sponsors just ONE person, who sponsors just ONE person, who is a Heavy Hitter. That heavy hitter, sponsors 50, who all sponsor 20 who all sponsor 5.

So, your team now has 5,053 in it and under our plan, you WOULD automatically be paid the relevant commission on EVERY order placed by ALL of those team members, IF you had an order for at least one product in place each month. BTW: At the example volume of $100.00 per order, that would be $40,000.00 in monthly commissions.

Under their plan, you would be paid on the 53 people in your first four levels. BTW: At the example volume of $100.00 per order, that would be $266.00 in monthly commissions. Also under their plan if you wanted to be paid on all of those 4,950 people on the 5th & 6th levels, you would need to develop another leg that produced at least 120K in group volume each month.

As we said earlier, these totally unfair, income limiting, complicated plans, really should be called DISTRIBUTOR DECEPTION PLANS.

The BOTTOM LINE: If you are Seriously interested in generating a Serious income, without any humps to jump through, WELCOME to your NEW HOME.