Greenwood Health Systems - MASSIVE Affiliate Launch Details

The information on this page has been written to provide everyone currently in our members database with a FULL explanation of all of the very exciting changes that will take effect starting on December 23.

We have two very simple questions for you:

Are you interested in paying a little LESS for your products?

Are you interested in earning extra income from our new 6-level TOTALLY COST FREE Affiliate Program?

Then, please take the time to read and understand all of the material on this page.

Then feel free to fully explore all of the pages on our new website using the menu links above.

For those of you who are interested in my reasons for being so demanding regarding our product quality, take the time to visit the “About Us” page, as that page now contains the story of my Nutritional Supplement journey over the last 40 years.

BTW: I have removed the “Order Products” and “Member Log In” links from the menu until we take the site live. Also you cannot return to this page from that menu.

All of the Changes Explained

Change 1: The existing Greenwood and Natural Longevity websites will be turned off at 5 PM (CST) on Wednesday December 23 will remain off until December 27. All autoships, from either site that we have in our system for dates in December after the 23rd, will be processed on the 23rd. They will then, in the future, be processed through the new site.

Change 2: All existing ACTIVE members we have in either system, will automatically be transferred to the new system on this site.

NOTE 1: The definition of active is simple. If you have placed any product order during October, November or December with us then, you are active and will automatically be moved to the new system. If not, your details will be permanently removed from our database.

NOTE 2: If you have an existing autoship order in place, you will be contacted and asked to provide the three digit security code from the back of your credit card, as our new system requires the use of this level of security for order processing. Please do NOT email that number to us, wait until we contact you.

Change 3: The current Back Office prices you have been paying for the products on the Greenwood site are going to change and in MOST cases, those prices are DECREASING.

Right now, all products have three separate prices, depending on how many of each product you order.

As an example The Ellagic Insurance Formula and Stem Support PLUS are $35.00 for one bottle, $33.00 each for three bottles and $31 each for 6 bottles. The new pricing for The Ellagic Insurance Formula, Stem Support PLUS and Adaptogens is a flat $32.00 per bottle, regardless of how many bottles are ordered. The CBD Pain Relief Cream is $30.00 per bottle. The existing 3-day 50mg CBD patches will be going down to $43.00 for 10 patches. The new 50mg CBD DAILY patches will also be available at $43.00 for 30 patches.

The 600mg CBD Oil product that we recently discontinued, is being reintroduced (we have a lot of members who loved that product) and will be available for $30.00 per bottle.

We are also reintroducing our Essential Oil products and they will be priced at a discount of at least 35% off our retail pricing. All Essential Oils will be available in 15ml bottles (not the 10ml sized bottles we originally used).

We will also be adding numerous other patch based products early next year.

ALL of these extremely low prices, will ONLY be available to existing members who are moved to the new system.

So, if you are reading this and have not placed any product order since September, you have until December 23 to do so, if you wish to continue to access our products at these prices. If you do not, you will NEVER again have access to our products at these extremely low prices.

Change 4: The retail product pricing on the new site is being set at $69.00 per bottle for The Ellagic Insurance Formula, Stem Support PLUS, Adaptogen and CBD Pain Relief Cream. The 50mg Daily CBD patches will be priced at $89.00. The CBD Oil and the 3-day CBD Patches will NOT be made available to the public at all. The retail pricing on the Essential Oil products will be well under prices charged by Young Living and doTerra. As an example their retail price for Frankincense is about $90.00 (Distributor cost $68.00). Our RETAIL price will be $58.00 and your back office price will be $34.80.

Change 5: Any new customer who purchases any product from the site at the current retail price, will be added to a new membership category we are creating. They will then automatically be offered the following two discounts on any future product purchases they choose to make.

Their future one time product orders will be discounted by 15% off the retail price. Their future monthly autoship orders will be discounted by 30% off the retail price.

Change 6: We are introducing a VERY simple, TOTALLY COST FREE, six level affiliate program that is fully explained in the “Affiliate Program Details” section of this page. In simple English, all affiliates will automatically be paid on the product purchases of anyone in the first 6 levels of their group without ever having to make any future product purchases themselves. To put it bluntly, we have removed all of the income limiting hoops such as BV calculations, ranks and monthly qualification requirements from our new affiliate program.

NOTE: If you are active and moved to this new system, you are also automatically an affiliate. If you are inactive and wish to become an affiliate in the future, you may do so by making any retail purchase from the new website at any time.

Change 7: You will no longer use to log into your back office. Instead you will go to the company site and then click the “Member Log In” link in the menu at the top of the page to access your Back Office.

Change 8: As this one may be a little hard to initially understand, here is a detailed explanation.

As existing Greenwood members who are moved into this new system are paying VERY low prices for their products, there are NO affiliate commissions paid on those product orders.

We are, however, reconnecting every existing member to their original sponsor, or to the next active upline member if the original sponsor is no longer in our database. This means that while you will not receive any commissions on their purchases, you WILL automatically be paid commissions on ALL product purchases of anyone they introduce down through the full six levels.

This also means that you do NOT have to place a product order each month to be paid your commissions.

So, here is a simple English example of how it will actually work using existing member A as an example.

A originally sponsored B, who sponsored C, who sponsored D and all of them love our products and order each month. As those orders are not commissionable A, B & C earn nothing from those orders. However, when B, C & D all introduce new customers or affiliates A and everyone else up through the 6 levels above them are automatically paid the relevant commissions on those orders.

As we have NO Ranks, the system does not care if you have One or One Thousand new people on each of your levels. You would automatically be paid on ALL of the orders they place at ANY time.

If you are interested in how this type of affiliate program compares to a traditional MLM system, here are just seven of the differences that make it a heck of a lot easier to actually generate an income.

1) There are no joining fees, no yearly membership fees, no website fees, no back office fees……….no fees PERIOD.

2) You do not have to go crazy at the end of each month trying to work out who in your downline your have to call and beg to place an order so you can maintain your rank. Or, even worse, if not enough of them want to order, you do not have to spend your own money placing orders in their names to buy your own commission check.

3) You do not have to bug people you have sponsored to get them to go to work and sponsor others so you can move up another rank. No more of the “how many more do I need to sponsor this month, to make it to rank X” calculations, are EVER required to actually get paid on ALL orders your team generates on your first six levels.

4) You do not have to deal with the “I want nothing to do with MLM” attitude so many consumers (and MOST health care practitioners) are rapidly developing.

5) You and you ALONE control your financial destiny. Do the work, introduce the customers and / or affiliates and you get paid on every order they ever place. Anything that happens in the next 5 levels below you, is nothing more than a very nice extra source of income, that you are automatically paid each month.


Although, lets look at the potential of those extra levels for a moment. Go back to our A, B, C, D example and look at what would happen if you were A who had only ever sponsored B, who had only ever sponsored C.

C goes to work and sponsors a super affiliate marketer (AKA as a Social Media Influencer) who has 50,000 people on their contact list (believe me, these people not only actually exist, many of them are ex-networkers who will NEVER join another MLM company). That affiliate then sends an email promoting our new 50mg CBD patch out to their 50,000 contacts and only 1% of them place an order. That tiny 1% order rate, however, generates 500 x $89.00 product sales or $44,500.00 in volume.

As the super affiliate is on your 3rd level, YOU would automatically earn 5% of the value of those 4th level orders or $2,225.00. (Try earning that sort of money on your 4th level in any MLM program where you had only ever sponsored one who sponsored one).

The super affiliate would also automatically earn 20% of the order value or $8,900.00, for doing nothing more than sending ONE email, which is why they have ZERO interest in joining MLM companies and jumping through all of their traditional hoops to actually get paid. BTW: I was not kidding about some of them having 50,000 people following them on Social Media. On Twitter alone, there are over 10,000 people in the USA, who are EACH followed by MORE than 10,000 people.

6) How about NEVER having to do another cold call or organize another “Opportunity” meeting.

People this is almost 2021, not 1980. The days of spending all of your time, cold calling prospects on the phone, trying to interest someone, anyone in whatever it is that you are promoting are over. Today, you can use Social Media and many other inexpensive online marketing tools to reach more potential prospects each and every DAY, than you could possibly call in a YEAR. Those that see your promotional material and “Get It”, will join you. Those that aren’t, don’t waste any of your time explaining why not.

7) You NEVER have to place ANY product orders yourself to get paid on whatever your promotional efforts have generated. The MLM industry is the ONLY industry that forces participants to purchase something to be paid what they have earned. Imagine what would happen, if next week Walmart informed all of their staff that in order to receive their paycheck, they would first have to purchase $50.00 worth of products.

So, I now have two simple questions for you.

With which system do you think you have a better chance of building a team of producers?

With which system do you think you would have a better chance of generating a true residual income from?

Well, guess what. If you think that the affiliate system is a better fit for you, there are literally millions of current and former networkers who would agree with you.

Final Points:

1) Please do not call the office with any questions you may have, as Rene is not yet fully up to speed on all of this new information and would not be able to answer them for you. Instead you may email me directly at or call me at 620-888-5752.

2) I am well aware that many of our members are involved with different MLM companies and that involvement in no way precludes their ability to promote our products or new affiliate program. We have zero interest in whatever else you decide to promote, provided you do not attempt to cross-line sponsor any of our members that you have not personally sponsored into other companies.

3) The Affiliate Details section below will eventually be presented on a dedicated page that you will be able to send to your contacts.

4) THANKS for reading all of this. While Rene and I hope that you decide to continue your association with us, we wish you well whatever you choose.

Stan Haley

President, Greenwood Health Systems, Inc.



As Greenwood Health Systems has a 20-year history of producing exceptionally beneficial products, we have developed an exceptionally beneficial affiliate program to fairly reward those who choose to promote our products.

Our affiliate program is very different from most other affiliate programs, in that it has none of the traditional income limiting hoops for affiliates to jump through.

Traditional Hoop One Removed: TOTALLY COST FREE TO JOIN. Unlike MLM companies, we do not charge our affiliates any fees to generate an income from promoting our products.

Traditional Hoop Two Removed: NO RANKS TO ACHIEVE. Forget about having to personally sponsor X number of people, who have to then sponsor Y number of people to get yourself to a decent paying rank. All of our affiliates earn exactly the same commissions on all product sales they generate each month.

Traditional Hoop Three Removed: NO PRODUCT PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS, EVER. While affiliates are welcome to purchase our products (at a very nice discount off retail pricing) at any time, they do not ever need to make any further product purchases, to earn the relevant commissions on all product sales they generate each month.

In Simple English. As you will see by reading the chart below, we offer a six level program. It makes no difference whatsoever how many clients or other affiliates you have on each of these levels. All affiliates are automatically paid the same relevant commissions on all product sales generated on each of those six levels each month.

Affiliate Tools

All affiliates have automatic, TOTALLY COST-FREE access to a wide range of promotional tools, that are available from the affiliate back office.

Some of those tools include:

This website.

Social Media product ad images, suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TicTok.

PDF formatted material such as sell sheets, brochures and reports that are automatically personalized by our system when viewed on the website or downloaded. NOTE: We use a special formatting program on these files that automatically inserts the affiliates Name, Email Address, Phone Number and URL with Username into any document accessed from an affiliates dedicated URL.

The ability to send contacts directly to ANY page of this website instead of just to the home page.

The ability to send personalized, pre-written affiliate or customer recruitment emails directly to their contacts from the affiliate back office.

We Provide Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

If you are an experienced Affiliate Marketer, you are probably already aware of how some companies use “Cookie” settings to minimize their commission payments to affiliates.

The easiest way for them to do this is to use a cookie setting of only  1-7 days. In simple English this means that if you promote your affiliate link and a potential customer visits your site, a cookie is placed on their computer. If they then make a purchase within the next 1-7 days, you get paid the relevant commission. If, however, they make a purchase after that 1-7 day period, you get paid nothing as your cookie has expired.

This is also particularly applicable to customer reorders, that generally occur at least 30 days after the initial placement of the cookie.

We do not use this system. Instead, we are using special Lifetime Commission programming, that automatically allows our affiliates to earn commission for the lifetime of a customer. Once the customer uses an affiliate’s referral URL to make a product purchase, they are permanently linked to that affiliate, regardless of whether they use another browser or clear their browser cookies before making subsequent purchases.

In simple English, this means that our affiliates are automatically paid the relevant commissions on all future product orders, placed at any time, by all customers they have introduced.

All affiliates may opt to be paid commissions either directly into their bank account, onto a debit card they already own, or by Check.

Payment of commissions occurs once the affiliate has reached the $30.00 payment threshold. If that amount is not reached in any given pay period, whatever has been earned is rolled-over to the next payment period.

NOTE 1: As we offer all clients a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee, no commissions on product purchases are paid until that 30-day guarantee period, has expired.

NOTE 2: The reason for the lower commission payments on Autoship Orders, is that as we have discounted the price of all products sold on autoship by the substantial amount of 30%, we reduced the commissions by the same amount.