Maximize Your Results With Your Food Choices

All of the information on this page are simply suggestions. These suggestions, however, have generated spectacular beneficial results for our family members who are following them.

This information assumes that you are using our SIZZLE RED, ADAPTOGENS and the PURE FULVIC HUMIC MINERAL BLEND on a daily basis.

Feel free to use any of this information that you think will work for you and discard the rest.

Lets start with three very simple facts.

1) Most overweight people do not primarily eat real food. They are actually mainly consuming a steady diet of over processed, food-like substances, that are packed with empty calories, artificial chemicals, preservatives and lots of added sugars.

2) Your best weight management friends are our Supplements, Water and Nutrient Dense Foods.

3) Your worst enemies are Soda, Sugar Laden Energy or Fruit Drinks, Processed Foods, Fast Food, Restaurant Junk Food and Empty Calorie Snacks.

So, if you would like to permanently dump those excess pounds and inches, as well as normalizing your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, start by consuming more of your friends and less of your enemies. 



Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day and most people do not realize that making the wrong food choices here, can totally wreck their weight management and health improvement efforts for the entire day.

A cup of coffee and some sugar laden breakfast cereal, or a few donuts (11g of sugar each), or whatever junk food (lots of added sugars) the local fast garbage food restaurant has available, is NOT going to give your body the nutritional tools it needs to set you up for the day.

If you normally eat fast food breakfast garbage, here a few examples of why this habit is NOT a good idea.

McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hotcakes – 1340 Calories. McDonald’s Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel – 550 Calories. Chik-Fil-A Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – 600 Calories. Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights (12-Pack) – 930 Calories. Taco Bell Grande Scrambler – 930 Calories. Sonic Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito – 800 Calories.

IHOP’s Cupcake Pancakes: 810 calories, 23 g fat (12 g saturated fat), 2,030 mg sodium, 134 g carbs (4 g fiber, 59g sugar), 17 g protein. Adding just 60g of pancake syrup to this, is another 210 empty calories from the 59g (14 teaspoons) of sugar it contains.

NOTE: If you also drink a 20oz soda to wash this stuff down, you can add at least another 210 Empty Calories and another 9 teaspoons of sugar to the figures above.

BTW: The recommended total DAILY added sugar amount for men is 9 teaspoons and for women it is 6 teaspoons, NOT the 25-40 teaspoons contained in the average garbage many people consume for breakfast.

All those choices are going to do, is ensure that your brain keeps reminding you that your body needs some real nutritious food. Then you also get to deal with the sugar crash that kicks in a couple of hours later.

Instead of all that sugar laden, empty calorie garbage, try consuming something really nutritious.

Use a 24oz shaker bottle. Add a little crushed ice and 20oz of cold water. Then add one sachet of the Pure Fulvic Humic Mineral Blend and shake well. Then add a scoop of whatever organic plant based protein shake you like. Mix this by shaking well and then drink with the addition of one SIZZLE RED and two Adaptogens capsules.

NOTE 1: If you really like the extra energy coffee provides, get a container of organic instant coffee and add 1 teaspoon of it to the shake as well. Surprisingly, adding the coffee actually improves the taste.

If you REALLY like the taste and energy boost of coffee, consider learning how to make a concentrated cold blend and add 2oz of it to the shake. If you purchase a cold blend kit ($25.00) and the ground beans ($14.00 per pound) on Amazon, that 2oz of concentrated coffee (caffeine equivalent to a Starbucks Venti size) will only cost you about $0.50, which is a lot less expensive than their $3.50 per cup.

NOTE 2: We decided to not add Caffeine to the SIZZLE RED, as some people cannot, for medical reasons, consume it.

If you really want to add some solid food to this mix, consuming a couple of scrambled, boiled or poached (NOT fried) eggs, avocado, mushrooms, and tomatoes, or a bowl of oatmeal, are all extremely nutritious low calorie choices. 

Basically, this breakfast combination has six benefits that will give you a great start to the day.

1) LOTS of natural energy.

2) A great combination of vitamins, minerals, plenty of both soluble and insoluble fiber and micronutrients.

3) Your brain will get the message from your stomach, that it is full (NO hunger pangs for about 5 hours).

4) As this combination is totally added sugar free, there will be NO sugar crash.

5) The combination of the ingredients in our three products, will give you all the vitamins you need, minimize your sugar cravings and give you a great mood boost.

6) If you have weight, inflammation, blood pressure or blood sugar issues, you may just be amazed at what happens to them in the coming months as your body dumps the excess fat and adjusts to the increased nutrition it is receiving.

Mid-morning Snack.

Although you will not feel hungry, about 2 hours after breakfast, drink another 16oz of water.

2 hours after that, drink another 16oz of water and eat a piece or two of any fruit or raw vegetable of your choice.

Naturally, you can consume any amount of hot or cold unsweetened tea or coffee at any time, as well.

NOTE: If you really need to sweeten the tea or coffee, use Stevia. If you like your tea or coffee creamed, use whole milk, NOT a chemical creamer.

The best news about these choices, is that you will not feel hungry for many hours and your body has just received a tremendous amount of actual HYDRATING NUTRITION containing less than 400 Calories, NO added Sugar and NO Refined Carbs.


The Bottom Line on Why Breakfast is Critical to Your Weight Loss Regimen :


Breakfast is actually a word made up of the function it performs. It actually does BREAK the overnight FAST you experience while you sleep.

This is the primary reason that the foods and liquids, you choose to consume at this time, are critical to maximizing your overall levels of satiety, mental outlook and energy levels throughout the entire day.