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Special notes regarding shipping products to Canada – Please READ the Details Before Placing Order.

1) Due to restrictions placed on CBD by the Canadian government, we cannot ship any of our CBD products to Canada. Only the products shown below are available for shipment.

2) ALL products are shipped “FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY” and are NOT to be resold.

3) All product pricing is in US dollars.

4) These prices do NOT include any Taxes or Duty. If any branch of the Canadian government imposes any of these additional charges to your order, payment of those charges are your responsibility. NOTE: The duty that MAY be charged ranges from 5% to 15% of the order value, depending on the Province the order is shipped to.

5) All orders are shipped from the USA and international shipping is very expensive. We offer two separate USPS International Priority Mail shipping options for you to choose from. BTW: These USPS options are a LOT less expensive than UPS, FedEx or DHL.


Option One is International Priority Mail, for any package up to 2lb. Basically this is available for 1 – 6 product pouches or up to 5 bottles of the Ellagic Insurance formula. NOTE: Cost is $45.00.

Option Two is Medium Flat Rate International Priority Mail. This is the best option available for 7 – 12 product pouches, or up to 12 bottles of the Ellagic Insurance formula. Delivery is 1 – 2 weeks. NOTE: Cost is $58.00. NOTE: As the Business Builder Weight Management Pack contains a total of 12 pouches, this is the ONLY shipping option available for that product.

NOTE: Please ensure you choose the correct shipping method in the cart checkout as we will automatically void any order over 6 pouches that is not being shipped using option Two.


Basically the best way to minimize your shipping charges is to place larger orders, fewer times.

While our USA Members have the option of placing one-time, or Monthly SMART SHIP (Autoship) or Quarterly SMART SHIP (Autoship) orders, we are offing an additional money saving option.

As it makes no sense whatsoever to have one product shipped to you each month for $45.00 each time, when you could have 6 shipped for the same $45.00 or 12 shipped for $58.00, we are offering you a six monthly SMART SHIP (Autoship) option on the individual products. NOTE: This 6-monthly option is not available on the product packs, as we cannot fit 6 of any of them (18 pouches) into the largest international flat rate shipping container.

If, for example, you only need to order one Sizzle Red each month, simply choose the six-monthly SMART SHIP option, then change the quantity ordered from One to Six in the shopping cart. Then chose shipping option One and we will ship you six pouches, every six months. If you need two products, order both of them using the six-monthly SMART SHIP option and choose option Two for shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Naturally as our ONLY qualification requirement for payment of bonuses, is to order at least one product each month, ordering any combination of six products from these six-monthly SMART SHIP options will fully qualify you for SIX MONTHS.

How To Place Your First Order

To order any product or multiple products, simply click the “Select Options” button for each product you wish to order. Then decide if you wish to place a one-time order, or take advantage of the SUBSTANTIAL ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS that our totally optional SMART SHIP programs provide. Once you click the “Select Options” button, you will be able to see exactly how much you can save each month, by electing to use our SMART SHIP program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to order multiples of the same product, do not change the quantity on this page, as you will then see a 404 Error. Instead, click the product “Add To Cart” button and then change the quantity to whatever you need, on the page that appears.

Then once you have finished your product selections, click the “View Cart” link and proceed to Checkout.

Once the checkout process is completed, you will receive a series of emails that contain detailed information about your free Membership and our incredible Affiliate Program.

Email Address NOTES: If you are a family member of one of our existing members, you cannot use their email address to join, as our system does not permit the same email address to be used multiple times.

Also, if you use an AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail account, they routinely block the delivery of our emails. You might consider getting a Gmail account to use instead.

Credit Cards Note: We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do NOT accept American Express.


There is no additional cost involved in becoming an affiliate. Once you have placed a product order from this page, you are automatically given Affiliate Status and eligible for the relevant commissions on all product purchases made by those in your team.

BUSINESS BUILDER Weight Management Pack – Canada$921.00 available on subscription from $491.00 every 3 months

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Weight Management Support Pack – Canada $199.00 available on subscription from $159.00 / month

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Immune Boosting Wellness Pack – Canada $187.00 available on subscription from $149.00 / month

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Super Antioxidant Wellness Pack – Canada $187.00 available on subscription from $149.00 / month

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SIZZLE RED – Canada $84.00 available on subscription from $69.00 / month

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PURE FULVIC – HUMIC ACID MINERAL BLEND – Canada $84.00 available on subscription from $69.00 / month

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Stem Support PLUS – Canada $69.00 available on subscription from $57.00 / month

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Adaptogens – Canada $69.00 available on subscription from $55.00 / month

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Ellagic Insurance Formula – Canada $69.00 available on subscription from $57.00 / month

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8 oz Intensive Essentials Pain Relief Cream – Canada $69.00 available on subscription from $55.00 / month

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