Bulk Product Pricing for Health Care Practitioners and Retail Outlets

Over the last 22 years, we have developed a reputation for producing highly effective products that, based on the results they obtain, our clients and members reorder on a regular basis.

We are proud to also offer Substantial Bulk Purchase Discounts on all of our our products to Retail Outlets and Health Care Practitioner Clinics.

All products are available in lots of 12 units.

How To Place Your Order

To order any product or multiple products, simply click the “Add To Cart” button for each product you wish to order.

NOTE: If you wish to order multiples of the same product, do not change the quantity on this page. Instead, click the product “Add To Cart” link and then change the quantity to whatever you need, in the shopping cart.

Then once you have finished your product selections, click the “View Cart” link and proceed to Checkout.

Additional Discount Available

If you order 2 of any product or combination of products, use the coupon code BULK5 (in caps) in the shopping cart to automatically receive a 5% discount on your entire order.

12 8oz Intensive Essentials Pain Relief Creams $492.00

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12 Ellagic Insurance Formula $492.00

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12 Adaptogens $492.00

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12 Stem Support PLUS $492.00

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12 Containers of 30 x 50mg CBD Patches $564.00

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