Affiliate Program Details


Greenwood Health Systems has a 22-year history of producing exceptionally beneficial cost-effective products, that most of our members reorder on a regular basis.

As most of our new members place their first order, based on the recommendation of an existing member, we have developed an affiliate program that financially rewards those members for introducing their contacts to our products.

Our affiliate program is very simple and easy to understand. As you introduce others who purchase our products, you are paid a set commission (see chart below) each time they make a product purchase.

Unlike the traditional MLM business model, our 7-level Affiliate Program has none of the normal income limiting hoops to jump through. No membership fees, no ranks to achieve, no monthly autoship requirements and no bonus / commission value calculations are used as we pay commissions on the actual dollar value of the product sale.

NOTE: While affiliates have no monthly autoship requirement whatsoever to earn commissions, we do offer two very attractive incentives to those who choose to participate in our totally optional Monthly SMART SHIP program

Incentive 1: A discount of up to 25% off the normal members product pricing.

Incentive 2: The regular level one affiliate commission rate of 15%, is automatically INCREASED to 20% every month you have a SMART SHIP order processed.

Affiliate Commission Rates

115% (20% if on SMART SHIP)

Affiliate Tools

All affiliates have automatic, TOTALLY COST FREE access to a wide range of promotional tools, that are available from the affiliate back office.

Some of those tools include:

This website.

Social Media product ad images, suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TicTok.

PDF formatted material such as sell sheets, brochures and reports.

The ability to send contacts directly to ANY page of this website instead of just to the home page.

We Provide Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

Our affiliate program uses special Lifetime Commission programming, that automatically allows our affiliates to earn commission for the lifetime of anyone they introduce.

Once someone uses an affiliate’s referral URL to make a product purchase, they are permanently linked to that affiliate, regardless of whether they use another browser or clear their browser cookies before making subsequent purchases.

In simple English, this means that our affiliates are automatically paid the relevant commissions on all product orders, placed at any time, by everyone they have ever introduced.

Commission Payments

We Pay Your Payable Commission Balance Each Friday.

Payment of commissions occurs once the affiliate has reached the $30.00 payment threshold. If that amount is not reached in any given pay period, whatever has been earned is rolled-over to the next payment period.

NOTE: As we offer all clients a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee, no commissions on product purchases are paid until that 30-day guarantee period, has expired.

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