Welcome to this Special Members Newsletter.

We are sending this important information,to all of our existing members.

Basically, this newsletter covers two subjects.

1) For the past couple of months, we have been developing and testing a new product that is now available for order from your Members Back Office.

2) With the introduction of that product, we are also launching a brand new, totally cost free Affiliate Program.


Put simply, our new PURE FULVIC – HUMIC ACID MINERAL BLEND, is the most significant product we have ever released. This is due to the fact, that in addition to the tremendous benefits that ingesting PURE Fulvic / Humic Minerals provide the body, taking the product with any of our existing products, dramatically INCREASES the effectiveness of those products.

While the product labels are viewable below in this newsletter, we suggest that you take a couple of minutes to visit the product page on the website and read all of the information we have placed there.

You may access the product page by Clicking Here.

NOTE 1: While our recommended retail pricing for this product will be $99.00 per container, we have made it available to you from your Members Back Office at the considerably lower price of $65.00 or $52.00 on our SMART SHIP (monthly autoship) program.

NOTE 2: While we will not start shipping the product until Monday, March 28, we currently have two very special “Introductory Discount” offers in place.

Offer One: If you place an order before March 28, we will automatically include an extra 10 of the single daily dose sachets with your order for you to give away as samples.

Offer Two: If you order Two of the containers, we will automatically ship you a Third container (along with 30 of the sample sachets), totally FREE.

As these offers will expire on March 28, act now if you want to start receiving all of the benefits the PURE FULVIC – HUMIC ACID MINERAL BLEND provides.



1) The existing Affiliate Program has been cancelled and all reference to it have already been removed from the current website. Any commissions you have already earned under that program will be paid in full on Monday.

2) If you have no interest in promoting our company, products and the new 7 level affiliate based business opportunity, that is perfectly OK. You will still continue to have access to the special discounted product pricing currently available to you from your Members Back Office on the existing website.

3) If, however, you would like to be able to generate additional income by promoting all we have to offer, then we are proud to announce that we are going to very shortly enable you to do exactly that, at NO cost whatsoever to you.

To access all of the exciting details of our new Affiliate Program and the totally free “Application” form you will need to complete to be placed into the system, Please Click Here.