As a former user of the the Black Oxygen Fulvic/Humic product I thought that you would definitely be interested in this Totally PURE Fulvic – Humic product from Greenwood Health Systems.

Greenwood is a 22 year old company that I have worked with for over a decade and their product quality is outstanding. In fact, their super antioxidant, Ellagic Insurance Formula product is responsible for many of my clients still being alive.

When BOO closed, I called Stan Haley, the owner of Greenwood and asked him if there was any possible way for Greenwood to produce totally safe, effective Humic – Fulvic product. His answer of “funny thing you should ask me that” made me laugh.

He went on to explain that he had already done a lot of research into the whole Fulvic industry and had already identified the ONLY supplier of powdered raw material in the world, that was produced in a Canadian based, Government Certified GMP manufacturing plant. He went on to explain that many of the new F-H products hitting the market were using raw material sourced from China, where to put it politely, quality control and the accuracy of their testing reports, leave a lot to be desired. As a matter of interest, Greenwood flatly refuses to use ANY ingredient from China in ANY of their products.

He then sent me quite a few samples of the product he was planning to introduce and the results myself and the others I gave them to, were incredibly positive.

This new product is called “PURE FULVIC – HUMIC ACID MINERAL BLEND” and is produced using a patented Reverse Ozmosis water based extraction process (NO chemicals whatsoever are used), that removes virtually all of the problematic heavy metals that were found in the BOO product.

A months supply of the product is packaged in a pouch that contains 35 individually packaged single dose sachets. To use, you simply cut a sachet and add the contents to at least 16oz of any hot or cold liquid. It is perfectly OK to add to purified water (not chemically laden tap water), any shake, smoothie, or even a pot of hot coffee.

BTW: This week, the product passed all of the required EPA and Customs tests for import into the US and is now available for purchase from Greenwood.

I also have one final bit of good news for you. As Stan and I have had developed a great relationship over the last 10 years (my clients purchase a LOT of his products each month), I asked him if it were possible to arrange a special “First Order” discount for any of my BOO contacts who wished to try the PURE FULVIC – HUMIC ACID MINERAL BLEND.

He thought that was a great idea and you will find all of the product detail and the extra special discount pricing by visiting.: https://greenwoodhealthsystems.com/fulvic1/